The Olympic games have brought on a great deal of attention but not because of the games or the athletes. Much of the opinions have been on the conditions throughout Rio. Now as the Olympics have officially begun, as more eyes and ears will be on the events, the question becomes…but how will these games be remembered? The answer to that may rely on social media.

Olympics: Social Trends

During the Olympics the trending topics throughout social media will almost unanimously revolve around the events, athletes, and results. But how often will those on social media continue to point towards the challenges Rio has faced, and is still actively facing. Will an athlete miss an event due to the problematic Rio traffic? Will the Rio waters continue to be a headline during events? Or will the amazing stories born through athletes and victors shine bright?

This may be one of the more fascinating changes that has come from social media. Now, what we remember is no longer due to events but how said events were directed through the viral thoughts of social media. In the same year that we’ve seen an election shaped and impacted by social media,we now have the 2016 Olympics that will be remembered based on the overall opinions of those on social media.

Social Legacy and How to Protect Yourself

With the continued rise of new media comes a change in the legacies being left behind. It is no longer in the control of a person, group, organization or event. The control of a legacy has become whatever a hashtag says it should be. This is why it is so important to use social media carefully and be able to use it to optimize and benefit. Make sure you know what is going on in the digital world when it comes to your industry and be trained on using social media professionally.

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