We get together and brainstorm ideas for your product.  All ideas are valid. Collaboration is encouraged.  Let us guide you, using our years of experience.  You can be a part of the process…and have fun doing it.

Then we hit the drawing board.  We will let you into our design process where we often start with marker renderings of your concept. You’re welcome to view them and don’t be surprised if we text you a quick video update of how things are looking.

In creating your brand, we will create a range of brand design concepts for you to choose from. To properly evaluate, we will place these logos in actual brand environments and touch points. This will include application to mock packaging and printed materials, helping you envision the program as a whole.


We meet with you initially to discuss your business needs and ideas, offering perspective on how to promote your business or product in the current marketplace.  Hudson Valley Graphic Design understands today’s consumers, market trends, and has great knowledge of diverse categories: food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, music, sports & entertainment.  There’s nothing we can’t design for! After our initial meeting, we will meet with you a second time to discuss your project, how we see it, and present you with our proposal, answering any questions you may have.  Upon agreement, we will move on to designing for you.


We take the information & ideas we discussed with you at our consultation and bring them to life!  We research your competitors through market analysis, understanding consumer purchase intent.  Who are you attracting? Who are you selling to?  Who needs your product?  From there…we go right to the drawing board and start creating….sketching & generating designs digitally.  We’ll present you a range of meaningful options, inviting you to be a part of the selection process.


We value and listen to your perspective. We take your chosen design, adjusting it per your input, and bring it to a finished place of excellence!


We take your final design and apply it to several items (ie: business card, letterhead, signage, brochure, package, etc.) print ready & marketplace relevant!

Our free consultations are always free.

Launching a new product can be overwhelming!

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