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She will evaluate your current branding, review it with you, and make simple suggestions for improvement during a 30 minute phone strategy call. 


With over 30 years in the design & marketing industry, Janeen Violante has built many successful brands including her work with top brands such as Pepsi, Welch’s & Snapple. She will review your “look” and your online presence and provide you with an evaluation and recommendations for improvement.

Our “Claim to Fame”

Owner Janeen Violante and husband, Joe, started their career’s designing consumer packaging.  (see a sample of their combined portfolio to the left) When asked why, Janeen will admit, “I wanted to design for ‘everyday people’.  I liked the idea of designing a package that my mom or neighbor would pick up off the shelf. Communicating through design has been extremely rewarding!” Now, more than ever, an engaging brand is essential in the growth of any company. With over three decades of experience in the consumer branding industry, this team can handle your project.

Janeen will evaluate your current branding and give you simple suggestions on how to improve

Janeen will help you come up with a whole design language for your business. The value it adds is tremendous! Our company now looks and feels like it belongs up there with some of the biggest names in real estate (which it does)!

Frank Kirwin

Owner, West Shore Towers, Nyack, NY