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With a long history in package design, we will create a brand program for your product that includes strategic, compelling package design.  We can make it appealing to your customer and attractive to your market. If you have a product that needs an eye-catching package design, we can help!

Because we have been designing for over 30 years, we have many high-profile products and companies that we have done work for.  We do not show our complete portfolio on this website, because some of our “private portfolio” was designed while employed by various NYC agencies.  Please contact us to see our complete portfolio.

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Janeen & Joe have a long history designing consumer packaging.

Janeen & Joe V’s combined portfolio

Janeen and Joe Violante started their careers designing consumer brand packaging.  When asked why, Janeen will admit, “I wanted to design for the average person.  I liked the idea of designing a package that my mom or neighbor would pick up off the grocery store shelf.  Seeing my packaging designs on shelf has been extremely rewarding!”  Now more than ever, custom packaging design plays a critical role in the marketing strategy for your brand.

With over three decades of experience in the consumer package design industry, this team can handle your project.

We’ll help you work out your idea, and get your package to shelf.

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